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FODBUSTER Airfield FOD Sweeper, Airfield FOD Sweepers, FODBUSTER

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FODBUSTER Airfield FOD Sweeper
FODBUSTER Airfield FOD Sweeper
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FODBUSTER Airfield FOD Sweeper

Tel:  +44 (0) 1772 816 974

e-mail: info@247gt.co.uk


Low maintenance cost
…because our innovative design has eliminated all on-board motors, hydraulics, vacuum attachments and fuel from them – along with the man-hours, parts and downtime required to repair them.

Save even more
… with our durable, long-life nylon brushes – no metallic bristles to break off.

Unparalleled Reliability
…because when other kinds of sweepers go down, waiting for parts, repair or complete replacement, your FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER will be on the line making a clean sweep of it.


Fully Adjustable Pintle Hook or Ball Hitch
…gives you 21 inches of adjustment allowing you to tow the FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER behind virtually any vehicle, including high-clearance vehicles. Also note the adjustable wheeled support jack with foot brake.

Side-Mounted Debris Hoppers
…for unloading FOD safely and easily. No shaking and sweeping up! FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER actually removes FOD from the sweeping surface, consolidating it in conveniently located and serviced hoppers. Slide out, empty debris and slide back in. Unlike shaking out a friction mat, you won’t get a face full of grit when the wind is blowing! And each hopper will hold approximately 40-50 lbs / 18-23 kg.

Durable, Easily Adjustable Nylon Brush
…utilizing a threaded stainless steel rod, attached to a single hand crank, makes adjusting brush height a snap. It also permits a very light bristle-to-ground contact, which is all that’s needed with our superior nylon brushes.

Detachable Tow Bar
…assures quick and easy deployment via air or truck if needed. With the tow bar detached and strapped to the unit, you can ship or store the sweeper in a vertical position, reducing space requirements.

Magnetic Sweeper Option
…permits you to attach one of our optional POWER BAR Magnetic Sweepers to remove large and small ferrous metal debris that may be hiding below the surface in aircraft tie-downs, grounding points or concrete expansion joints.


Will your existing or proposed sweeping equipment provide your organization with a decade or more of service?
Will your new or existing equipment capture a high percentage of debris at an operating speed that covers the airfield quickly?
Do you need to pick up larger objects like broken pavement chunks, aircraft maintenance debris, or ramp-service litter?
Does your budget permit purchasing a slow-moving, dedicated vacuum truck at today’s prices?
What is the total cost of equipment, operations and maintenance, over a decade, for each type of equipment under consideration?
How far away and reliable is product support?
Is equipment that is substantial, built to last, and highly effective at removing foreign objects from your airfield the order of the day?

The FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER Series successfully takes “thinking long term” into account. And with our Standard Tri-Link or new Super Tri-Link Assemblies your airfield sweeper procurement, maintenance and operating man-hour costs can be slashed to new lows!

When other sweeping methods simply won’t provide the performance and long term “value for dollars” required to earn your business, get the job done right with the FODBUSTER FOD SWEEPER ®.