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Trailed Vacuum FOD Sweeper Zmc 3, Airfield FOD Sweepers, Trailedvacfodzmc3

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Trailed Vacuum FOD Sweeper Zmc 3
Trailed Vacuum FOD Sweeper Zmc 3
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We have winter maintenance equipment suitable for airport car parks, pavements and roadways. Our range of equipment will enhance your customers’ visit and keep them safe during periods of heavy snow and frost.

Trailed Vacuum FOD Sweeper Zmc 3.0

The ZMC 3.0 FOD sweeper is an elevator sweeper with mechanical transport of dirt. The principle of the sweeper operation is based on a system of two-disc brushes and a rear brush that cleans the surface, and a conveyor belt transporting dirt into a container. The ZMC 3.0 FOD sweeper helps to maintain the proper condition of Runways, Taxiways, Hangars, The Ramp and other large areas. It is also perfect for after winter road cleaning. Unloading of dirt is done hydraulically by the operator without leaving the cabin. The ZMC 3.0 FOD sweeper is also equipped with a sprinkler system with large capacity (1150L) water tank, which can be especially useful in areas where the supplement may be difficult. This can also be used for spraying anti-icing fluid to protect against refreezing.

  • Thanks to the easy-to-use control panel operator can set the desired parameters very fast
  • Big working efficiency (~54 000 m2 / h). Less than 1 hour to completely sweep most runways
  • Dirt container unloading to a side facilitates the work of the operator – very helpful when unloading directly to a trailer or waste container.
  • Low operating costs. Much lower purchase cost and maintenance than self-driven machines.
  • Possible to work with any available tractor on the market, equipped with lower transport hitch, and PTO 540 rpm range.