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Aircraft Ground Crew Headset

Our Aircraft Ground Crew Headset for use during aircraft pushback with the aircraft flight deck. During pushback and ground maintenance procedures, when high background noise makes clear communication hard. Pushback operations are dangerous. Clear communications are essential for the safety of the Ground Crew and safe movement of aircraft. The Noise Attenuating Aircraft Headset provides hearing protection. As a result giving clear communications with the flight deck. This is important during engine start and pushback.

Price: £150.00
Extension Lead Ground Crew Headset

12m Extension Lead Ground Crew Headset. The lead is for use with the Ground Crew Headset GT114113. This enables the headset to be used safely on Pushback Operations.


Extension Lead Ground Crew Headset orange 12m coiled


Price: £90.00
Ground Crew Headset inc extension lead with PTT

Our Ground Crew Headset including extension lead with PTT is a complete unit.

The extension lead is 12m long and includes a PTT (Push-to-Talk) switch on the lead. This headset is ideal for communications between Pushback Crew and Flight deck. We use a dynamic noise cancelling microphone. There is a volume control on the ear shell. For the comfort of the user, there are gel ear pads and a soft headband. Hygiene kits are available for the user to regularly swap the earpiece, microphone cover and headband. Ground Crew Headset that uses a detachable coiled extension lead.

Price: £162.00
Pambry PED 0900 Audio Ancillary Tester

Pambry PED 0900 Audio Ancillary Tester

Price: £598.80